House Of The Dragon Changed Laenor In A Big Way From The Books, And Fans Have Thoughts

House Of The Dragon Changed Laenor In A Big Way From The Books, And Fans Have Thoughts

House Of The Dragon made a really big change to Laenor’s character in Episode 7.

Rhaenyra Targaryen Is Not A Revolutionary Feminist Changing Westeros For The Better

Although Rhaenyra Targaryen is clearly designed to be the protagonist of House of the Dragon and she has a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne, the perception of her character as some kind of feminist or revolutionary leader who is going to pull Westeros in the direction that it needs to go is a drastic misinterpretation of her character and the story as a whole.

Content Of This Video:
00:00 Everyone’s Motivation Is Personal, Not Political
03:41 Rhaenyra Is Violently Patriarchal Any Time It Benefits Her
09:04 Rhaenyra’s “Feminism” Is A Moralizing Cop Out
12:20 Outro

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 Predictions | What Happens Next, Theories And Book Spoilers Explained

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 Predictions | What Happens Next, Theories And Book Story Explained. We break down our predictions for what we think will be coming in Season 2 of House Of The Dragon. Covering subjects such as the death of Lucerys, Jacaerys and his mission including Lady Jeyne Arryn, Vermithor has a new rider? Daemon and the Son for A Son storyline, Arryk and Erryk Cargyll, Rhaenys and Meleys and so much more. Let’s get straight into it!

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Ok so House Of The Dragon Season One had a big ending and Episode 10 set up a lot of things for the future. Season Two is rumoured to be two years away and if you can’t wait that long then this is the video for you. Throughout it we’re gonna be going through what happens in the book, what to expect for the future and also just our general theories on what the outline of the season will be.

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With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into our House Of The Dragon Season 2 predictions.

Ok so Season one actually set up a number of things in it’s final few scenes. We had Daemon going to Vermithor, Rhaenys flying off and Jacerys also going off on his own mission. These all have major rammifications for what’s coming down the line and I think that the season will open with us following Jace as he tries to rally support for his mother.

He ends up visiting two locations in The Erry and also Winterfell. Now at the first of these he meets Lady Jayne who similar to Rhaenyra, is a woman that people don’t really think should be in a leadership position. There’s lots of accounts over their interaction with one even saying that the Lady would swear an oath if Jace could bring her to climax with his tongue.

The books words not mine. Having never married there was a lot of rumours about her sexuality and I think she’s sort of meant to mirror Queen Elizabeth The First from our own history.

She sees a lot of similarities in Rhaenyra and basically wants sisters to stick together so she agrees to swear an oath to her.

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House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 5 – Full Episode

House of the Dragon 1×5 –
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House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 5 – Full Episode
House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 5
House of the Dragon S1E5
House of the Dragon 1×5
House of the Dragon

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Four MAJOR House Of Dragon Actors Are Going To Be REPLACED..

Four MAJOR House Of Dragon Actors Are Going To Be REPLACED..

Welcome back to Scene Focus, today on this channel we are going to talk about “ Here Are The Four ‘House Of The Dragon’ Actors Being Recast, And When + Is ‘House of the Dragon’ Violence Realistic? Medieval Scholars Break Down the Horrors” One of the biggest risks that HBO’s House of the Dragon is taking is leaping forward through time to the point where it will need to recast many of its young actors, given the age they’re supposed to be as the story progresses through 28 years in total. While older actors can be aged-up in the future, or aged-down ahead of the change, there are four that are being recast entirely, including the series’ “flagship” actress, who no doubt has a bright future ahead of her.

The recastings are supposed to occur between episodes 5 and 6 when there’s a decade time jump, though it’s possible they could still be seen in flashbacks in the future. “House of the Dragon” debuted with its metaphorical medieval guns akimbo, with a graphic C-section, jousting tournament, and a scene in which criminals are dismembered as punishment. The latest episode, “Second of His Name,” again includes images of soldiers being eaten alive by crabs, culminating in the defeat of the “Crab Feeder” (Daniel Scott Smith) at the hands of Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith), who arrives on the battlefield dragging a severed torso, innards trailing behind it. Check this video out and stay updated!

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