Amy Robach’s Ex Andrew Shue Popped Up In Robach-Free Family Pic As T.J. Holmes” Divorce News Confirmed

Amy Robach’s Ex Andrew Shue Popped Up In Robach-Free Family Pic As T.J. Holmes’ Divorce News Confirmed

Amy Robach was absent from estranged husband Andrew Shue’s family photo, as T.J. Holmes took a step to end his marriage.

EXPOSED! DISTURBING TRUTH About T.J. Holmes + Amy Robach’s TOXIC Affair! Cheating Scandals + Lies!

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TJ Holmes And Amy Robach Finally Speak On Their Cheating

TJ Holmes And Amy Robach Finally Speak On Their Cheating
By now, the stories behind Amy Robach and TJ Holmes’ affair have taken different twists and turns and people don’t even know what next they are going to hear about the affair between these two. But we’re pretty sure there is one thing you are curious about though– what they both have to say about the whole debacle of their affair. What explanation do Robach and Holmes have to give regarding the situation? Let’s get right into it!
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Like teenagers – T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach on Miami vacation

After filing for divorce from his estranged wife Marilee Fiebig in NYC on 28 December, The “Good Morning America” couple T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, were spotted together while vacationing in sunny Florida on Wednesday kissing like teenagers, One day before they returned to New York City for the start of the new year, the couple had a hot date in Miami.

It seems that they decided to seek a new life together after the Daily Mail revealed their affair about a month ago.

Both of them decided to separate from their spouses.

OMG Amy Robach BLAMING Lara Spencer for “GMA3” Benching Her & T.J. Holmes Amid ABC Romance Scandal

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Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were benched from Good Morning America on December 5 amid their speculated romance, Days after news broke of the rumored relationship, insiders revealed they believe Lara Spencer is responsible for the pair’s absence from the show, Keep watching to find out why people think Lara pushed for Amy and TJ’s break and learn more about the scandal.

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